OHSU Technology Transfer is the pre-price office for industry-sponsored preclinical research agreements. If you have any questions about post-award processes, including accounting and fund allocation, please contact the Office of Proposal and Award Management (OPAM). As part of the PERIS™ project, MyRA was expanded to allow the Office of Sponsored Programs (formerly Office of Research) to monitor the negotiation of funded agreements. This improvement was achieved by the addition of the Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) to question 4 “Contract Type” on the “Basic Information” page in MyRA (see below). The PSO encourages ISPs to send the Yale SRA model with the proposal. However, if the sponsor sends an agreement, the PSO will enter into negotiations to inform IP of any concerns. In general, SRAs include: Sponsored Research and Cooperation Agreements (SRAs) govern various research partnerships between the university and external research sponsors. These agreements describe the commitments of the parties, including a description of the project, the timetable, financial support, eligible expenses and beyond. These agreements formally define each party`s obligations and generally include the following.

If you have any questions about OHSU`s sponsored research contracts, please contact us at mta@ohsu.edu. When a funded agreement is to be negotiated, the Office of Sponsored Programs specialist creates an SRA to monitor the progress of the agreement negotiations and refer the SRA to the MyFunding Funding Award. The Standard Reinsurance Contract (SRA) is a financial cooperation agreement between FCIC and each of the approved insurance companies called AIPS to honour eligible plant health insurance contracts for farmers and ranchers. It defines and regulates the commercial and financial relationships between FCIC and IPAs, including the conditions under which FCIC provides reinsurance activities for eligible contracts sold by MANAGERs.